HAÏTI March 24-31, 2010

2nd trip after the earthquake

Ingrid Schutt is a member of Global Outreach Doctors

An internation medical and disaster relief organization.

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My heart is taking me to Haïti once again, for a second trip since the erthquake.
My dad who passed away 2 months before the earthquake would have been so glad to know that I am finally sharing my practice o homeopathy with the people of his country.

On this second trip, my practice is mainly focused in tent villages, and in the streets, near the collapsed Presidential Palace.

Before leaving for this second trip, I collected some clothes and books for children who were delighted with a new opportunity to learn. My patients, once more, ran to my place with so many gifts that I offered to the children of Haïti in their name.

On this trip, the Bind Dog Films Crew came along. They are shooting a film on homeopathy. We all stayed at my dad’s house. (Blinddogfilms.com From Within, Without)

The port and the airport are filled with ships and army tanks and helicopters. A very different environement from the Haïti I knew as a child.

Valentina got to chose among many books, and selected the most educational books. She said the comics could wait. On this picture, she is showing her mom one of her new French Geo Magazines.


Landing in Port-au-Prince


In the streets of Port-au-Prince, I treat mainly epidemics of diarrhea, cramps, vomiting. Entire tent vilages are affected, but with a homeopathic treatment, they recover quickly.
The access to water is extremely scarce, people cook inside their tents and the charckoal that fills the air in the tent smoke burns my eyes as soon as I step in the tent. My throat is itchy and burning. I can not bare the smoke in the tent.
But I seem to be the only one to notive. Rico’s family has been living in these conditions for weeks. I tell them they could open up the tent by raising the tarp up as much as possible while cooking so the smoke can get out. Obviously, they tell me that many people suffer from respiratory conditions and eye irritation. But fortunately, homeopathy relieves them quickly. On the same day, we notice the remedy helps the eye and coughing symptoms.

On this picture, I am checking the temperature of the feet to confirm the remedy to treat this sick baby. Severe diarrhea and dehydration, together with a dry cough. Two remedies will help him recover, stop the diarrhea and stop the cough. He qill quickly recover. After one dose of his remedy, the diarrhea does not come back, and the cough will quickly subside.

Most of the villagers have had diarrhea and stomach pain for the last 2 or 3 weeks.
Most of them feel worse at night, have blood in their stools, burning pain, anxiety, and have practivally no access to clean water.
The remedy they all need is obvious and they a ll get a dose.

The great thing about homeopathy is that you can put a few pills in water, shake the water for a few seconds, and one sip of the water is equivalent to a dose.
Hard to believe, right? I know! I used to be stunned too. But that’s how it works.
Simply marvelous!

Some people also benefit from remedies for headache, vertigo and insomnia caused by head injuries. The remedies also treat panic attacks, nightmares from the intense fright and the constant feat the earthquake may come back any second

Photo of EIleen Torpey
My new little sister. She is adorable. After her treatment, she comes and sits on my lap and asks me so very softly into my ear to brade her hair. She wants me to take care of her. She also asks me for more homeopathic granules…

…But she is so very disappointed when I give her almonds instead.

In the tent villages, the children ask to go home.
Parents console there children better they face the reality, that their home no longer exists.

People in Haiti have an incredible strength but, where do they find it ? In fact, maybe it is with God, because they are always repeating his name, singing his praises…

They keep the joy of life and the courage to make jokes.
This man makes us laugh during his consultation. He made a mistake and said he has pain to his two penis. All burst out laughing.

They keep a joyful heart and still have the courage to make jokes during their homeopathic consultations.

The news quickly spreads about homeopathy and even grandma comes to get her dose.
Photo Eileen Torpey

The doses of homeopathic remedies for diarrhea are both curative and preventive.
One lady comes and sits next to me. She feels weak, exhausted, dizzy, nauseous and feverish. She is sweating and says she has been very sick for the last week. Someone had to help her walk to me.
I give her a dose of a remedy for the weakness she suffers from after such a major loss of liquids. Within 1/2 hour, she can stand, walk normally and her energy is coming back strongly. She will get a bottle of water to take a remedy for the diarrhea for a few days.
She can even talk to the little boy on the next picture.

This little sweetheart was frightened to approach me. He thought I would give him a shot. He screams as his parents try to force him.
-Pa vlé piku!!! (I don’t want the shot) he would scream.
I offer him some candies, ask him his name, he comes close and finally accepts the remedy.
He has had severe diarrhea as well as headaches and backpain from traumas. Some bricks fell on his body.

In the tent city, Tamara films teenagers singing “We Are the World”with the radio.

After a treatment, kids who can go back to play.

The rubbles are everywhere in the city. Here and there, you can see some people in yellow t-shirts cleaning up with shuffles.
The bodies are still under the robbles.

30th March. While Tamara and Laurel are filming the Presidential Palace…

In front of the presidential palace, Laurel surprises me!
She gesticulates with people and at first glance, I wonder what she does … She discusses with deaf people in their language? But yes! She does not speak Creole or French. To his great despair, he must translat most of the conversations with Haitians since our arrival. But this time, she can communicate without interpreting with Haitians.

Then I see Laurel is making signs with people…

To my great surprise, it is a group of deaf people and she speaks their language.
Their school has collapsed, th survivors now live together in the tent city by the Presidentital Palace and we get to communicate with the whole community.
Many are sick and need treatment. The sun is about to set, we chould go, but we take the time to go meet the community.
I am delighted that this time, it is Laurel, and not I who gets to translate for all of us.
It turns out to be a wonderful encounter.

She translates my questions and asks details about their symptoms.

We treat them all. What a wonderful experience.
Thanks to Laurel, they have access to an effective treatment, and we meet wonderfully kind people.

This little girl who is used to sign language quietly touches my shoulder again and again and puts her hand to her mouth to sho me she wants more granules.

We leave them some remedies to put in water.

Des gens doux, gentils. Une communauté de sourds qui se tiennent ensemble depuis le séisme qui a tué la plupart des gens de leur école.
Quelques-uns seulement en sont sortis vivants. Les autres, sous les décombres, sans ouïe, sans pouvoir parler, sont repartis en silence, tout au moins.
Une magnifique jeune adolescente me raconte qu’elle a perdu mère et père, et que frère et soeur sont au Canada, quelque part.
Elle vit ici avec ses amis près du palais présidentiel.

On me raconte les symptômes que Laurel traduit.
Encore beaucoup de diarrhées, la nuit, douleurs brûlantes au ventre, avec anxiété, agitation parfois.
Pas d’eau potable et nourriture probablement insalubre. Il faut encore donner Arsenicum en grande quantité, et à tous. Quelques infections de plaies, irritations aux yeux par la poussière, et autres troubles chroniques. Je leur laisse des granules.
Tant pour soigner que pour prévenir. J’aimerais pouvoir distribuer Arsenicum en plus grande quantité car cela semble vraiment être un génie épidémique en ce moment. (Remède pour l’épidémie) Malheureusement, on manque d’accès à l’eau.

We leave them some remedies to put in water.

We share the remedies with the whole community. It is getting dark, we should go soon.

In Haiti, I am not alone in practicing homeopathy.

We share the remedies with the whole community. It is getting dark, we should go soon.

Rico (middle) is so very impressed by homeopathy that he wants to learn it.
Robin Murphy (right) who has also been working in Haïti for the week, leaves some books and a homeopathic kit with him. He will continue some of the work. When I return, I will offer Rico some more training. IWe keep in touch, and he is bringing considerable help to him community.

Throughout all the people we meet, some great frienships develop. Rico is now slowly learnign homeopathy for emergencies.

The sun is going down, we should go home…

To be continued….

-Angelo, tu sais ce que veux dire ton prénom?
-Il veut dire “AAAAANGE”. Et tu es vraiment un ange! Souviens-toi de ça ok?
-OK, je vais faire ça, oui. Map songé! (Je vais m’en rappeler)
Il veut toujours m’aider à porter mes choses. Ce matin, en quittant la maison, il prend ma trousse. Il ne veut rien en retour. Il veut aider, tout simplement.

First trip to HAïti in 13 years

Feb. 25 to March 10th 201

Three colleagues form Switzerland, Holland and I form a little team of homeopaths. We go and practice in the streets of Pétion-Ville and Port-au-Prince for 3 weeks.
Edouard Broussalians, his student Cathy Mayer, Kavi et I. The four of us see more than 15 people a day.

Physical and emotional traumas are treated with homeoapthy, according to their specific needs and symptoms. Once again, I see the wonders homeopathy can work in so little time. The needs are great and the quicker the action here, the better.

Physical and emotional traumas are treated with homeoapthy, according to their specific needs and symptoms. Once again, I see the wonders homeopathy can work in so little time. The needs are great and the quicker the action here, the better.

Our homeopathic clinic.

A little tarp up on some sticks we found. Some neighbours helping out with secretarial work. They become so impressed with homeoapthy that they want to learn it. My plan is to go back and helo them learn it.

In an orphanage, in Pernier, we treat the survivors or a collapsed school. Most of the kids suffer frmo terrible nightmares, trembling, diarrhea, headache. Emotional schock fmor the fright. Some also suffer from physical pain from robbles fallen on their little bodies.

We also treat the chronic condition. Worms, abdominal cramps, diarrhea, skin disease, lung and respiratory symptoms…
Homepathy helps wonders with the emotioanal symptoms that disappear within a few days.
On our second visit to that school, a few days later, most of the kids had recovered from the emotional stess, were sleeping normally, no more nightmares, no more trembling…

On our third visit, the diarrhea had totally gone.

The joy of Chocolate! Amma is putting together an orphenage where 25 children will grow and live and go to school. Amma.org.

Many children have had head injuries frmo bricks falling on their heads.
Weeks after the traumas, headaches and vertigo are persisting. A few doses of Arnica and other adequate remedies and the children feel brand new. Their wounds heal very fast, the infection goes disappears.

We meet many people with open wounds and they are treated with homeopathic remedies and some mother tinctures. (See Emergency section)

Homeopathic remedies also help relieve the  bone fracture pain and accelerate the healing of bones, tendons and muscles.
In less than 24 hours, his pain was reduced by 60%, he can sleep without pain, and the mobility of the fingers is quickly restored.

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