Effective therapy
In the treatment of acute and chronic diseases, and even in emergencies. Treatment of choice in some European and Asian hospitals, sports and Olympic teams for injuries and trauma.

Fast acting
The effect of a proper remedy can be felt within minutes of taking the remedy.

No side effects or toxicity
In the last 200 years of homeopathy, none of the 6,000 remedies have been considered dangerous.

Holistic approach
Takes into account the whole person. One remedy can treat all of a person’s symptoms. Acts on both the physical and emotional levels.

In-depth therapy, without medical dependence

Once the symptoms are cured, it is no longer necessary to take the remedies.

Compatible with all conventional and natural medicine treatments

Since the homeopathic remedy is an energetic message that aims to balance and strengthen the vitality of the body, it is totally compatible with any other type of treatment.

Takes into account the cause of the disease

The cause of the symptoms determines the treatment. Whether the symptoms are of hygienic origin (food, pollution…), toxic (vaccines, antibiotics, drugs…), physical (trauma, natural or genetic development), emotional (stress, shock, grief). This makes homeopathy a profound, intelligent and dynamic medicine.

Preventive treatment

Since it restores the balance of vitality, it strengthens the immune system and increases resistance to acute and chronic diseases. Homeopathy can also act as a preventive treatment in several epidemic infections such as influenza, measles and scabies…

Involvement of the patient

The patient takes an active part in the treatment. The answers he or she provides to the homeopath indicate to the latter the appropriate remedy. It is a dynamic approach that allows the patient to become aware of his physical and emotional reality.

A gentle method that strengthens the body’s immunity and natural defenses. By balancing the vitality of the body, homeopathy stimulates the body’s deep and global healing mechanisms.


Easy to administer to children
In granule or drop form, the remedies taste great and little ones love it

Affordable, less than $10 for any tube of 80+ granules

The consultation fee is generally less than the cost of ongoing allopathic treatments, not including the doctor’s visit.

The preventive and curative treatment of homeopathy reduces visits to the doctor, reduces lost work days (as demonstrated by Vainchtock, A. et al. (2000), Trichard, M. et al. (2005) and Taillefer, A. (2009). Quality of life increases as well as autonomy when people gain expertise in using homeopathy with their homeopath over the years.

In assessing the economic/accessibility issue, we consider the cost of consultations, of course, but also the reduction in visits to the doctor – reducing the number of lost work days, and the quality of life and autonomy that people develop as they gain expertise in using acute remedies over time and experience with their homeopath…

Not tested on animals

The remedies are non-toxic and tested on healthy human beings. The physical, physiological and emotional effect it causes in a healthy person is the same as the effect it can cure in a sick person.

First Aid

Homeopathic remedies are always surprisingly effective in cases of trauma, sprains, burns, torn tendons, insect bites, food poisoning, etc. (See the section on emergency remedies at www.homeopathe.ca)

Accompanies and supports the pregnant woman in her pregnancy and childbirth. Alleviates pregnancy disorders and childbirth pains

A therapy practiced and recognized throughout the world

Although the mechanisms by which homeopathy works have not yet been scientifically proven, its effectiveness has made it internationally renowned for over 200 years. Most industrialized and emerging countries have adopted homeopathy and it is practiced by doctors, non-doctors or both. It is taught in specialized schools or in some universities, is reimbursed in some European health systems and is admitted in some hospitals in Europe, Asia and South America. It is very often regulated by the State.

In Canada, homeopathic remedies are regulated by Health Canada. In spite of this, in Quebec, the practice of homeopathy by non-medical practitioners is not recognized, even though it is forbidden to medical practitioners by their code of ethics.

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