My daughter took me to homeopathy, and I will eternally be grateful to her.

I first consulted for morning sickness when I was expecting her, and it was the beginning of a wonderful and blissed-out journey.

Since 1998, I have offered homeopathic treatment to people of all ages, expecting mothers, newborns,  children, and adults with chronic pain and disease.
Homeopathy assists you with your physical, physiological, and emotional needs. It also assists you if you undergo chemotherapy or radiotherapy, and surgery for homeopathy helps reduce side effects and restore balance.

Homeopathy in my life

Homeopathy is undoubtedly a great gift, not only as a medicine that has helped me and my family but as a daily practice and profession.
It is a fascinating path that teaches me to serve by listening to people’s bodies, minds, and hearts and respecting life’s nature.
It is an efficient medicine that helps the body find its balance and healing mechanism.

Looks to me like Mother Nature’s very power hides in these granules.
The immense power of the infinitely small.

My questions go way beyond the physical symptoms and diagnosis.
It is the globality of someone’s reality that will indicate the remedy someone needs, and homeopathy is a wonderful way to meet people in their heart and offer them a remedy that can change their lives for the better.

My way to homeopathy

I grew up with vegetarian nutrition surrounded with Yoga, meditation, Vedanta, holistic medicines, Ayurveda, acupuncture…
In 1994, I was doing a Masters’s in English literature after finishing a bachelor’s degree in translation and a certificate in English Lit. I was first advised to consult a homeopath. It just made sense to me to try it, and soon enough, I felt this was what I wanted to practice. It is certainly the most fascinating medicine I have ever encountered.

  • Graduated École des Hautes Études en Homéopathie Uniciste. (4 years)
  • Post-graduate clinical training École des Hautes Études en Homéopathie Uniciste.
  • Continuing Education yearly since 1998
  • Member Global Outreach Doctors International. Humanitarian Emergency Relief.
  • Ex-Director Executive Committee in professional association Syndicat Professionnel des Homéopathes du Québec.
  • Member of Association Nationale des Naturothérapeutes. (ANN official receipts)
  • Classical homeopathy practice in Montreal since 1998 and online since 2005
  • Actively involved and interested in Whole -Food Plant-Based Diet.
  • Yoga and Meditation since age 13

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