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Individualization is a fundamental principle in homeopathy, underscoring the need for a professional homeopath to grasp the complete picture of your physical, physiological, and emotional state. This ensures the selection of a remedy tailored precisely to your current condition. The homeopath considers your overall state, unique symptoms, and unusual patterns to determine the most suitable remedy, along with the appropriate potency and dosage frequency for a safe and effective treatment plan.

Homeopathy is a nuanced medicine, and it’s not recommended to take remedies without professional guidance, except for emergency situations (refer to the emergency remedies section). Engaging in self-prescribing beyond first-aid scenarios is akin to attempting self-acupuncture without expertise—it may lead to undesired symptoms through repeated doses of an unsuitable remedy.

Classical Homeopathy

Classical homeopathy is the traditional practice as developed by Samuel Hahnemann and introduced as the basic principles in the Organon and other fundamentals of homeopathy.
It is the art of capturing the best-suited remedy to restore balance. One remedy at a time. Taking into account the global state of the patient. Physical, physiological, emotional.


How long ? How much?

The first consultation takes about 2 hours (or more) if your registration form is filled out. I take the time I need. The fist consultation can take place in two sessions if needed. The cost is 235$

Follow-ups are about one hour long. They are 125$
I only ask you questions and listen to your answers. No physical examination or diagnosis. You get the diagnosis from your physician.

What I look for in a consultation

In order to better understand the person I see in a consultation and capture the best suited remedy among the 4 thousand remedies, I need to dig into you physical state, you physiological condition. Sleep, digestion, body temperature, appetite… emotional sensitivities, things that make one sad, angry, recurring emotions… What caused the symptoms. Stress? Lifestyle? What triggers them, makes them better or worse ? What is recurring or unusal about them and how is the condition, the illness expressed in this body in perticular ?

Physical and emotional states are intertwined.

As a homeopath, I am interested in observing all aspects of body-mind imbalance to better capture the patient’s remedy. And this remedy will help body and mind restore balance. Once these symptoms go, peace and strength and the person can thrive.

About the initial session (about 2 hours if the intake is properly filled out)

Your initial consultation is crucial for precisely identifying the remedy that suits you best to begin the treatment, and I will rely on your full cooperation to achieve this. I take into consideration the initial cause, (emotional stress, trauma, physical shock, medication side-effects, etc) your overall physical condition, including symptoms of the illness, your mental state, and metabolic factors such as body temperature, perspiration, appetite, sleep patterns, fatigue, dreams, mood and more.

Follow-up sessions

About 2 to 4 weeks later, I evaluate your reactions to the remedy.  Any changes or improvements in your symptoms, global state, dreams, physical and emotional state. Which symptoms have vanished, which are better, and what is the same? I take note of the changes you’ve observed in your global state.  I determine whether we repeat the remedy, change potency, or change remedy, and I see you a few weeks or months later, according to improvement.

Homeopathy is not satisfied with just suppressing or hiding the symptoms. It aims to restore as deep a balance and health as possible. Body and mind are intertwined, and the right remedy will take care of both.


The right remedy is very efficient at a deep level and, most times, very quickly. You may observe an improvement and change on many levels. Physical, physiological, and even emotional. The remedy should bring you a deep and global sense of wellness or improvement and improve your quality of life. The effect of the remedy is proportional to your vital and capacity to get better. Suppose you are suffering from intense lesions or a terminal disease. In that case, the homeopathic remedy will assist you in reaching the maximum capacity of your body’s ability to recover from pain and suffering.

How long before I can feel the results?

This varies from one person to the next.

Sometimes people are referred by a patient who was cured very fast, and they expect the same rapidity of reaction and healing. Each body has its capacity to react, and some factors will accelerate or decelerate the healing. Lifestyle, nutrition, depth of disease. and of course, the whole point is capturing your remedy. All this can take more or less time.

Even though a long time chronic disease can be improved withing 7 days, in other people, the response can be slower, more gradual with a need to repeat the remedy more often. The clarity of the unsual symptoms can be weaker as well. So the whole journey varies from one person to the next.

Some people need different successive remedies. Though most people respond very quickly, you may need to give yourself the time to go in depth and help me find you your remedy.

However, in acute illnesses, infections for isntance, the effect should be felt very fast, within the hour, for the need to recover is urgent. So a close contact with your homeopath is necessary.

Not satisfied with just suppressing the symptoms...

Homeopathy is not satisfied with just suppressing or hiding the symptoms.

It aims to restore as deep a balance and health as possible. Body and mind are intertwined, and the right remedy will take care of both.

If you consult for eczema, let’s say, and after taking the remedy once or twice, the skin condition is improving. However, everything else is still off balance (sleep, digestion, body temperature, low energy, mood, etc.), so chances are the eczema will soon return. The remedy is not the best one suited for you. You can observe a deep action when the globality gets better, the improvement is in depth.


Healing mechanism

While your body’s restoring balance, you may notice balance throughout your mind and body. Symptoms begin to disappear, energy gets stronger. Before this happens, you may notice that some symptoms you’ve suffered from in the past may seem flare up for a little bit. A few hours, a day or two. This is totally normal as it is part of the healing mechanism.

Dois-je cesser la prise de médicaments pendant un traitement homéopathique?

Non. Une fois que l’amélioration de vos symptômes est assez importante, vous pouvez consulter votre médecin afin qu’il vous conseille sur la façon d’enrayer les médicaments non nécessaires.

Puis-je jumeler un traitement homéopathique à un autre type de traitement?

Oui. Les remèdes homéopathiques peuvent être jumelés à tout autre type de traitement médical conventionnel ou non conventionnel sans aucun danger.

Les remèdes homéopathiques sont-ils sécuritaires pour la femme enceinte?

Plusieurs femmes enceintes se tournent vers l’homéopathe pour l’efficacité du traitement, mais aussi parce que les remèdes ne provoquent aucun effet secondaire ni toxique et ne causent aucune dépendance. Le traitement peut également contribuer au bon développement du bébé et préparer la mère à l’accouchement.

Please note that all consultations are online

Rates including taxes:
First consultation (2 hours, more or less): 275$
Follow-ups ( 45 to 60 minutes): 140$
( 3 to 6 weeks apart)
Emergency Consultation: 20 minutes, in case of acute condition, between two consultations: 70$

E-transfer in Canada 48 hours before consultation.
Paypal outside Canada 48 h before consultation

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