Homeopathy is an alternative and complementary system of medicine. It is non-toxic, brings no side-effects, no addiction to the remedies.

Homeo=similar Pathos=Suffering. Homeopathy heals with the electromagnetic message, or the energy of a substance that can create similar suffering.

It offers a global and unique treatment of precision that absolutely requires a total and unwavering respect of its basic principles. Otherwise, it is no longer homeopathy.

Homeo = Similar     |     Pathos = Suffering


Different causes may have triggered the same illness in 50 different people, and each one may benefit from a different remedy.
It is not the diagnosis that indicates which remedy is right for you but your state’s root cause.

If your headache is caused by a head injury, a sunstroke, too much alcohol, food poisoning, drugs, emotional trauma, or stress, your homeopathic remedy will be totally different. Homeopathy treats YOU as a global and sensitive individual, not just your symptoms.


The quality of your homeopathic treatment does not rely on a specific remedy that addresses a diagnosis but on the quality of the similarity of your own global state and that of the homeopathic remedy. Your individuality is central, and the deep resonance between you and the remedy is taken into account.

In a homeopathic treatment, the remedy should fit you physically, physiologically, mentally, and emotionally.


The right remedy takes your global symptoms into account.


Like cures Like. The homeopathic remedy has the capacity to cure the global state and symptoms it also has the capacity to induce in a healthy person.
In a crude, material dose, a substance such as arsenic can intoxicate,
while in a homeopathic dose, it can cure the person who shows the same global symptoms as in arsenic intoxication.

Infinitely small doses

Infinitely small doses made from successive dilution and succussion and initial plant, mineral, or animal substance.
(See Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier on high dilutions and electro-magnetic messages)


Causality Principle: The remedy selection varies based on the trigger of the initial symptoms, be it an emotional or physical shock or side effects from medication.

Understanding the root cause of the imbalance is essential to an in-depth treatment. This humanist aspect of homeopathy is interested in understanding the person as a whole. 

Suppose you suffer from a headache.  What caused the headache? And if we are talking about chronic and recurring headaches, when in your life did they first develop? 

Out of 30 people, each may need a different remedy.

What caused the headache? A head injury, a tooth extraction, anesthesia, or another drug side-effect? Was it excess food or alcohol? Sunstroke? A strong emotion of anger, sadness, fear, injustice, of losing someone dear?  There are so many different remedies for different causalities. Your right homeopathic remedy will be selected according to your physical and emotional sensitivity that triggers the imbalance.

The remedy that will cure you at a deep level or a specific diagnosis may differ from someone else’s.

So, it goes for any health issue, imbalance, or disease one wishes to address, whether joint, skin, digestive, circulation, reproductive, hormonal, anxiety, depression, concentration, etc.

Any well-trained homeopath will ask you when and in what context your symptoms first appear.  It may not be after emotional stress. It could be related to medication, a vaccine, some unhealthy lifestyle, or the environment.




There are more than 4 000 homeopathic remedies. The classical homeopathic treatment is a tailor-made treatment, no matter what illness you are addressing. Rigour and precision are needed to find the treatment as best possible suited for you. Fifty people with the same diagnosis may need a different remedy.

This approach observes how the illness is expressed through your physical, physiological, mental, emotional reality and sensitivity. Without individualisation there can not be a real homeopathic treatment.

La globalité


Knowing the root-cause is not all. We also need to consider the globality of your state and symptoms. Homeopathy considers the globality for it treats and cures the globality. 

Looking for peculiar, singular, recurring symptoms or needs that come together with, let’s say, your headache.

Let me share with you the example of pa patient I had who needed to take cold showers whenever she had a migraine. It just came out of nowhere. And she liked to sleep with her windows open, even in winter for the fresh air helped ease the pain. And another patient with migraine craved vinegar and experienced profuse feet perspiration with every migraine onset.

These strange needs and symptoms have nothing to do with pathognomonic symptoms that usually come with a given disease such as fever and muscle pain in the flu. But for a homeopath, they are also what we are looking for to determine your remedy.

The observation of the globality of your state and symptoms are also important to evaluate your improvement through out the follow-up consultations.

  • How is your sleep ?
  • Digestion ? Stool?
  • Body Temperature ? Any excessive chilliness, perspiration?
  • Sensitive to specific climates ? Sun, Thunderstorm ?
  • How is your appetite ? What are your cravings and aversions ?
  • What makes your symptoms worse or better ?

So… I’ve asked you what can cause a headache. 

Now if you go to the pharmacy, what treatment will you be offered ?

La loi de la similitude


Hippocrate, Paracelse, the Old Testament, the Bhagavad Gita… they all referred to the law of similarity, like cures like. It is between the years 1782 and 1798 that Samuel Hahnemann worked intensively on what would become the homeopathic remedies. Over years of research he optimized these ideas into a system of medicine.

On the one hand, a homeopathic substance is able to create a series of extremely precise symptoms in a healthy person, who does not need the remedy, on the physical, physiological and emotional levels. As long as the person takes the remedy, he or she can maintain this specific state of symptoms. This is how remedies are tested on human beings. Not on animals.

On the other hand, this homeopathic substance will restore the vital energy in the sick person who has these same characteristic symptoms. Only the professional homeopath will know how to recognize the person’s characteristic symptoms and the corresponding remedy in a chronic and severe illness. The homeopath prescribes the remedy that is similar to the person’s overall condition. Physical, emotional, physiological.

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À propos des remèdes et l’infinitésimalité

À propos des remèdes et l’infinitésimalité

How does it all work ?

The “dynamisation” process in making the remedy is unique to homeopathy. The extraction of energy from matter and a small quantity of a substance being turned into a powerful remedy was for 200 years and, up until recently, a disturbing mystery. But recently,  2008 French Nobel Prize winner,  virologist Luc Montagnier and a major research on nanoparticles have revealed this : high infinitesimal dilutions contain identifiable traces of the original substance that imitate that substance. We are finally starting to understand and explain the mysterious power of homeopathy. Even though Hippocrates, Paracelse, the Bhagavad Gita, the Old Testament and many more texts refer to the law of similars, it is better understood in the light of recent scientific studies. (See Scientific Research section)

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