Homeopathy, Placebo? Impossible. Take a closer look.

“To some doctors, consulting a homeopath is an act of faith. To them, the placebo effect explains it all. To others, the more rational ones, the curative effects are objectively accepted, eventhough they are not fully understood. After a honest study, they observe the reality of its possibilities.”
Dr Didier Grandgeorge – L’homéopathie exactement Tome I

Article : L’homéopathie n’est pas un placebo

Article : New Evidence for Homeopathy

Certains la croient placébo, pourtant elle soigne les bébés, les animaux domestiques et les troupeaux de fermes,
les plantes, les gens de tout âge, atteints de maladies aiguës ou chroniques, les épidémies, les malades dans le coma…

It cures newborns of accute and chronic diseases. Placebos don’t.

It cures animals of reccuring infections and viruses. Around the world, many veterinarians have turned to homeopathy.

It has a deep curative effect. The effects are global and can be noticed on the physical, physiological and emotional levels. And they last. Placebos don’t do that.

The effects of each of the 2000 remedies are well known, they are extremely precise and they can be clinically reproduced. Not placebos.

Why do some scientists persist in saying its effect is placebo while it is even prescribed to patients who are in a coma which successful results?

It definitely is not placebo, but it certainly is mysterious. As the great homeopath Hering said, the best defence of homeopathy is to experience it.

The effect of each remedy is well known and reproductible. In these terms, homeopathy is a very scientific medecine. But its mystery lies in the lab process of making a homeopathic remedy. What is it that makes the initial plant, mineral or animal substance such a powerful remedy after many dilutions AND succussions?? (The succussions are extremely important in making the remedy.) No one really knows. Maybe someday someone will win a Nobel Prize for elucidating this mystery, but to this day, nobody really knows. The fact remains that these dilutions AND succussions do have a tremendous effect on the initial substance which are turned into powerful and deep acting remedies.

With an honest and objective observation, we can only conclude that it works. And to those whose first concern is the well being of their patients, that’s what matterss. It works.

Science does not yet understand precisely why electricity works, yet, we all depend on it. We would be silly to turn it down because its effect is not scientifically proven. The same goes with homeopathy.

More than 150 000 doctors around the world prescribe homeopathy…WHY?

Have they all gone insane? NO. They have clinically tested and observed the possibilities of homeopathy and they have adopted it for the sake of their patients.

Homeopathy is recognized and encouraged by the World Health Organization. It is practised in 140 countries , in hospitals in England, Ireland, France and India…

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