Why do Kids Love Homeopathy? 

Children love homeopathy not only for the good taste of the remedy, its effectiveness, and ease to administer, but also for the approach that involves them personally. They participate in the treatment, they are at the very center of the session and they take an active part by answering my questions. Sometimes with drawings, pictures and games. They learn to know themselves better, what they are sensitive to, and to respect who they are, with a medicine that respects their growing bodies.
They come to know it helps them get well. It brings no side effects or toxicity, and restores health and well-being in depth. And it does this without causing dependence on the remedy.

Homeopathy is compatible with any other type of medication or treatment.

It is the amazing effectiveness of homeopathic remedies with me, my daughter and the children around me that first impressed me and led me to become a homeopath. This is why I choose to work with children and their parents as often as possible.

Homeopathy is the perfect answer to the needs of parents concerned about their children’s health.

“As parents, we want the best for our children. My best move was to consult Ingrid Schutt,  homeopath.”
– Sylvie D. Lawyer and mother of two, Montreal

Some examples of children cured with the homeopathic approach.

Emmanuel’s asthma

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Emmanuel was three and a half years old when his mother consulted me for him on November 15, 2004. “He was born with congested lungs,” his mother told me. “I was smoking during the pregnancy. He has been taking Ventolin since December 2001. He also suffers from gastric reflux since birth.

I notice a tired little boy, crushed in my chair, who has trouble breathing, even outside of an attack. He is wheezing. His mother tells me he is always like this. But through this fatigue, he cares about his mother’s comfort.

Through a long consultation, I note the characteristic physical, physiological and emotional symptoms. In Emmanuel’s case, it is especially these emotional signs that will indicate to me very clearly the remedy that will help him in depth.

He has horrible nightmares several times a week. His mother had the same type of nightmares only during her pregnancy. Torture, murder, blood, people being eaten. Monsters with deformed faces.

Emmanuel has a disproportionate phobia of thunderstorms. “It comes out of nowhere” his mother tells me. He also repeatedly tells me about his fear of ghosts. The other fears are much less intense.

I ask him “What are you sensitive to, Emmanuel? What makes you cry?” he answers me directly: “When mom is hurt, when someone is hurt. I hate to see someone or an animal suffer. It makes my stomach hurt and I want to cry. ”

Some other general signs largely confirm his remedy. He is crazy about apple juice. Icy cold drinks. He has apple juice cravings. Craves salt, salty cheeses. Eats very little since birth. Sleep disturbed, agitated. Goes to sleep late and gets up too early.

I give a dose of his remedy, to be repeated for 5 days.

I see him again on November 29. He sits upright in the chair. His breathing is no longer noisy. He smiles at me and says, “I don’t have nightmares anymore.” His mother tells me she no longer recognizes her son. For the better. I notice the changes.

He no longer coughs in the morning.
His breathing is clear since this week. No congestion. He no longer has nightmares and can walk around the house without fear. 80% of the gastric reflux is improved. Reflux only with a lot of running.
His passes stools effortlessly, without pain and they are more abundant.
His thirst has increased.
He sleeps much better and longer (slept very little before the remedy)
He has regained his appetite and is eating a lot.

I advise the mother to repeat the remedy only if necessary. If the symptoms return. I also advise her to see the doctor to re-evaluate the need for ventolin and cortisone. The doctor notes the improvement and recommends that she administers it only if necessary.

On January 21, 2005, Emmanuel and the whole family suffer from a cough. His mon, who was just as sick, could not find the granules and gave Emmanuel cortisone for he was breathing with difficulty. Cortisone does not help much. She finds the granules the next day and gives  him as indicated. He fully recovers quickly, within a few hours the cough is gone. Emmanuel’s asthma and cough were gone. “He has never recovered from a cough so quickly,” his mother told me.

I saw him again in March 2005. He had not been sick all winter, except for that cough. The other winters before went from cough to cough. Today Emmanuel is still doing well in every way and no longer has asthma.


A young boy in Nepal

In 2015, after the major earthquake in Nepal, I joined Global Outreach Doctors’s rescue mission and rushed to Nepal from Indonesia where I was for the whole winter.
High up in the mountains, I saw a little boy who was suffering from a severe bronchitis. After the earthquake in Haiti, I would have considered the dust as a cause for the bronchitis, but high up in the Nepalese mountain, the air was so very pure it discarded the dust idea.

I asked the young boy’s father if he ever suffered from bronchitis? The translator’s help was such a relief. No, first cough ever at 9 years old, I believe it was.

I ask the young boy “darling, tell me everything you can about how your cough started. When and where was it?”

He answered : “I was in the field, and I felt the ground shake under my feet. I got very scared.”

Now, this is where, as a homeopath, we must listen and not give way to interpretation. You would think he is afraid for his life, right? Nope.
-And what scared you? I asked.
-I got really scared for my grandmother who was in the house. I was afraid the house would collapse on her and she would get hurt:.he answered.
-Then what happened? When did the cough begin? I asked.
-I started to run, and I felt pain here, and I began to cough right away. he said, showing his chest with his little hand.
-How did you feel while running? I asked
-I was really scared that my grandmother would be hurt.
So I gave him a remedy for people who get sick from witnessing the suffering of others. Many of us will be saddened by the suffering of others. But not all will be physically disturbed to the point of getting sick. This young boy was losing his health and balance from the unbearable idea of his grandmother suffering.

I gave him a remedy in a bottle a water, asked his father to give a sip every 15 minutes and come back in an hour. Which he did.
When the young boy came back, the doctor I worked with checked his lungs and said they were 80% better already.
We gave him more of the remedy to take with him.
Unfortunately, the house did crumble, and his grandmother did pass. I must mention this, not to make you cry, but to show an important distinction in the subtlety of homeopathy.
Had he started coughing when he learned that his grandmother had passed, I would have given him a different remedy.
Because it was the idea of her suffering, and not the loss of her that triggered the imbalance in his body, it made quite a difference in the choice of the remedy.
This is how subtle homeopathy is.

Gaëlle’s tantrums

Gaëlle was 5 years old the first time I saw her on December 16, 2004. I had already seen her brother who responded very well to homeopathy and her mother brought her to me in desperation.

She is in a very unstable mood. Major tantrums that put the whole family on alert. She regularly has nightmares, suffers from anxiety and sleepwalking. Her skin is also very dry. “Oh yes,” her mother tells me, “she is also allergic to eggs and meat.” Since daycare, at age two, Gaëlle has been prone to cystitis and vaginitis.

Gaëlle was in excellent health until the first vaccine, to which she reacted strongly with patches on her thighs and arms. This was followed by an allergy to eggs and meat.

At the age of two, she started daycare. Beginning of cystitis and yeast infections. Nightmares, sleepwalking, tantrums.

Tell me about her tantrums. “She screams with rage, she has a face of terror, she hits and makes everything fly. For a yes, for a no. The least contradiction.”

Throughout the consultation, what strikes me most about Gaelle, from a homeopathic perspective, is how all of her fears, all of her nightmares, all of her social desires, all of her games and drawings revolve around one theme: the fear of being devoured. To protect oneself from the danger of being devoured. By monsters, of course, but also by strangers, by friends from the daycare, by strangers. As if the perception of her universe, of her environment was marked by this fear of not being able to survive the constant danger. Gaëlle’s sensitivity, her reality, is that. She says to me, “At the daycare, you have to know how to defend yourself.” And it’s when she starts daycare that most of her symptoms surface. So I give her a dose of her remedy. And I keep in reserve another specific remedy for the aftermath of vaccinations, in case this first remedy does not act on the symptoms that appear after the first vaccine.

I see Gaëlle again on January 21, 2005

Gaëlle’s mother tells me “I have my daughter back! She explains to me that Gaëlle no longer has a crisis, that her relationship with the Other has become positive. She thinks and looks for a solution in conflicts instead of reacting with violence and rage. She manages to stop herself before embarking on a negative mechanism, and finds a solution. She no longer yells or hits. Even at school, a radical change is noticed.

“I have had good dreams, the monsters that devour are gone,” she tells me.

She has been eating eggs and meat and has not had any scabs on her thighs. Her skin is much less dry, her lips are no longer chapped and cracked. Her skin does not burn anymore. Her sleep is calm, she does not move constantly as before. Her bowel movements are normal, she no longer cries with pain when she goes to the stool. Her thirst has increased.

On March 31, some symptoms resurfaced and another dose of her remedy restored the balance. Gaëlle tells me that she dreams of mermaids and fairies who tell her that she is beautiful. She doesn’t talk to me about monsters at all anymore and if I ask her about them, she doesn’t give a damn and looks at me as if to say “where do you get ideas like that” and seems to have almost forgotten that these nightmares haunted her nights in the past. Her mother tells me that she is getting more confident, takes care of her brothers like never before and is growing well.

I see Gaëlle again on October 5th 2005

Gaëlle has been coughing for a few days.

With the physical imbalance come the emotional signs. The fears reappeared but not as intensely as before the homeopathy. “In the dark there is a monster that wants to eat me. Gaëlle starts fighting again with everyone at school.One day before the cough starts, Gaëlle experiences a situation at school that makes her very scared.

I gave her another dose of her remedy. Within 24 hours, the cough completely stopped and the fears disappeared again. Today Gaëlle is fine. Her immunity is stronger. She did not need to take the remedy again.

Michael’s asthma

I met Michael’s mother in my daughter’s schoolyard. She decides to consult me and “try homeopathy” cause she’s desperate and hasn’t found any solution for her son’s asthma, repetitive coughing and vomiting at the slightest effort.

On November 20, 2000 I see Michael that has suffered from asthma since birth. He has repeated bronchitis and vomits at the slightest effort, as soon as he runs a little. This is a nightmare for a little boy who wants to run and play.

After a long consultation in which I note the physical, physiological and emotional symptoms, apart from the regular symptoms of asthma, I retain some signs that indicate a remedy for little Michael.

Michael does not like to be touched or stroked, much to his mother’s dismay.
He sweats a lot from his head. At the slightest effort, while sleeping, while eating. He is always very, very hot.
Since birth, while breastfed, his head became completely soaked. When he sucks his bottle of milk, it is a rain of water that flows from his head. He has intense desire for milk. He has fits and tantrums if milk is denied. He would drink it fifteen times a day.
Michael takes a long time to learn to walk and talk. His mobility is on the slower range. At 2 years old, he is just starting to walk and hardly speaks at all.
Michael is extremely sensitive to sad music. Any music will turn him inside out and make him cry.
He is very driven by his fears. He is afraid of everything. He closes himself off in his bubble, unable to face what he is afraid of. His fears seem to paralyze him, as if he feels unable to face them.

There is ample evidence to point me to a homeopathic remedy that matches Michael’s physical and emotional. But since Michael’s problems have been present since birth, in order to confirm my remedy and make sure I am on the right track, I ask the mother what happened during the pregnancy.

She tells me about an emotional shock she experienced, in which she wondered how she could face life and its dangers, the difficulties and obstacles on her own, all alone, without her husband. She describes to me a sensitivity, a suffering that corresponds to the remedy I was planning to give to her son.

I gave Michael a dose of this remedy and I saw him again on December 21, 2000.


It is with joy that Michael’s mother first tells me, “He’s taking my arms for me to wrap around him!”

In early December, he got pink eye again. He also had a sore throat for a few days. (These returns of old symptoms are completely normal and even a very good sign in the homeopathic healing process).

“After the remedy, he never flared up to the point of vomiting. The cough gradually decreased to the point of disappearing completely.”

“The breathing is normal. He doesn’t get short of breath like he used to. He can play with his brothers.”

“He doesn’t get discouraged like before in conflicts. He is more direct and courageous in dealing with his brothers. He takes his place. “He makes a lot of effort to talk. It comes out.”

January 26, 2001

Michael is no longer vomiting at all, breathing normally, not coughing, and talking more and more. His body temperature is balancing. He no longer sweats as much with the slightest exertion and when eating. Today his asthma is history.

Sarah’s asthma

It was in December 2002 that the parents of little Sarah consulted me for their two and a half year old daughter. She had just been diagnosed with asthma that required pumps and cortisone. One cold doesn’t wait for another and the little girl is constantly on antibiotics for her earaches. Her misfortunes began immediately after starting daycare in July 2001. Because of her scientific background, Sarah’s mother is very skeptical, but she answers all my “strange” questions with great openness.

Through all these signs and symptoms, I remember that Sarah’s health plummets at the beginning of the daycare. During the consultation, she doesn’t leave her mother’s side, sticking to her. She is shy, sweet and constantly seeks her mother’s touch. “She is always like that. A real leech,” her mother tells me. “If I leave the room, if I go to the bathroom, she looks for me. Even if her dad is there.”

What is she particularly sensitive to? “She can’t stand it when people raise their voices at her. She breaks down in tears.” “She is also very afraid of dogs, of the dark.”

When is the coughing worse? “At 4 o’clock in the morning, it’s systematic, she starts coughing. It’s always worse lying down, but at 4 o’clock she has a coughing fit. She always sweats a lot more from her head during her coughing spells. She also sweats when she falls asleep.

Other peculiar signs are the yellow pus conjunctivitis. Her intense desire for peanut butter is characteristic of the remedy I want to give her.

I ask the parents how she reacted at the beginning of daycare, and it is clear to them that the separation was very difficult for Sarah. She clung to the parents and cried in despair. Sarah’s immunity drops as a result of an event that she experiences as an emotional shock.

The combination of symptoms and sensitivities point very clearly to a remedy that will dramatically boost Sarah’s immunity.

January 7, 2003

After taking her remedy, Sarah’s cold and cough disappeared within 24 hours. Sarah had no cough or cold for over 20 days.

When the symptoms returned, I assessed the cause, the events that could cause emotional stress and repeated the same remedy. The symptoms disappeared again.

From the beginning of the treatment, in less than 6 weeks, Sarah experiences separations much more easily. Her mother can take a shower without anxiety and Sarah feels much more confident at daycare. Her health is getting stronger and stronger, she doesn’t catch everything that runs around the daycare anymore. She hardly ever has a cold from 2003, she doesn’t cough anymore, her breathing is clear and push-ups are quickly becoming unnecessary.

Her immunity is reinforced, and until today, when she has a little cold occasionally (less than once a year) her mother calls me and homeopathy heals her very quickly.

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