First Aid Remedies for the Family

A 4 Hour Homeopathy workshop you don’t want to miss!

Come and learn the only safe homepathic self treatment.

Remedies for quick relief in the following:

Blows, traumas, burns, insect bites, gastro, diarrhea and vomiting, traumas (physical and emotional), concussion, eye injury, sprain, fracture (remedies to stop the pain and accelerate healing),
dental surgery, car sickness, colics, difficult teething, and even lice.

In emergency situations, with homeopathy, parents are enabled to effectively alleviate the pain, treat the injury and avoid compliactions without side effects or toxicity.
Come discover the remedies you need to have at home, on a trip, and out camping…

It was the extraordinary effectiveness of these emergency remedies that first drove me to become a homeopath.

(Visit the section Family Emergency Kit)

Write me if you wish to be join us for the next workshop.

Ingrid Schutt,


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